Best Dental Team 2013! AND Best Dental Practice Northern Ireland!dentistry awards

We are the proud winners of Best Dental Team 2013 at the Irish Dentistry Awards. We were even more proud of our team when we won Best Dental Practice Northern Ireland at the UK Dentistry Awards in December!

Sharing a common vision and goal is essential to the harmony within the Jones Dental Care team. ‘We love teeth’ is our strapline and we take it very seriously. If you love what you do and work together as a team your passion and enthusiam will come across and enhance the patient experience.

We believe we have a uniquely warm and genuine, while professional and caring attitude within our practice which makes the Jones Dental Care team special.

We Love Teeth!

Clinical Team

Office Team

Chairside Team

Samara Macpherson


Samara is our practice manager and joined the team shortly after obtaining her Law degree at Queen’s. She has completed a diploma in dental practice management and is well qualified and experienced for her role with our team. She handles all the day to day affairs of the practice finances, personnel issues, administration, and internal emergencies like Laura’s hair appointments. Just to further add to the roles she performs, Samara has trained as a Treatment Coordinator for the practice.

Over the years Samara has taken over much of the behind the scenes running of the practice from Laura allowing Laura to spend more of her working time with patients. Samara recently married and kept it local by marrying Edwin our colleague. As a couple they enjoy travel and keep a menagerie of animals at home with two budgies recently joining the household.

Mary Helen Van Loggerenberg

GDC No.: 147538

Mary Helen is our Senior Receptionist and Treatment Coordinator as well as being a qualified dental nurse, her bubbly personality means she is perfect for the front desk and is very popular with patients. She always takes the time with folk to hear their news and ease any concerns they have about their dental treatment.

Rarely seen without a smile on her face, she has the sunniest nature you are ever likely to come across. You can feel her smile from the end of a telephone playing a vital role in our front-of-house service. She is married to Donovan who is originally from South Africa – hence the unpronounceable surname and is mum to Josh, Mary Helen being devoted to them both.

Alison Rae

GDC No.: 146864

Alison, or Ali as she is known, is a key member of our team. She spends much of her time at the front desk beside Mary Helen but is also an experienced dental nurse with several key responsibilities within the team like cross infection control and radiation protection. She also assists Samara in some aspects of our health and safety processes AND helps out chair side whenever the need arises- a true multi-tasker.

A native of bonny Scotland Ali is a gifted singer and is often heard humming as she works. Eating what she likes with no impact on figure is another talent we wish she would share! A more loyal friend you would look hard to find, a genuine star!

Frances Jones

GDC No.: 158825

Frances joined our reception team in Nov 2014 on a part time basis and has fitted right in to our happy band . She has three decades experience in dentistry so has seen huge changes in the profession. She keeps up to date with all the latest developments and although Frances is working as part of our reception team she is still a currently registered dental nurse. Frances has been friends with Maryhelen for many years and so it has been a very smooth learning curve for her to adopt our own particular ways of doing things and to be honest it has been a two way street as we are benefitting from her vast experience too.

Frances when she’s not at Number 20 loves to spend time with her mum and her two wee grandsons. It caused us great amusement to learn that Frances has a grown up son and daughter called Alan and Laura – surname Jones just like our LJ and her husband ! There’s a coincidence!

20 Broughshane Street, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT43 6EB